Do you like the pictures on your home? Do you think they provide good detail to your decor?


Decoration with pictures will give you many possibilities to give your home’s environments with different styles depending on the sector where you are.


The secret at the time of place pictures is to be able to combine and choose the one that best suits your place.


You can place them singly, in pairs, a set of similar tables, etc..

Landscapes, paintings, photographs, shapes, abstract images, etc ... Everything is possible!


7 tips to consider:


1 - Black and white combinations are very modern and fun. You can put different pictures, asymmetrical forms, in black and white, and will give your space a incredible modern style! If you do not have too much space, not to stray too far from each other.


2 - If you want to achieve informal decor, place them asymmetrically, combining size, technique and themes.


3 - The paintings of landscapes, should complement each other. Different landscapes and frame sizes put together can overburden your settings.


4 - If you choose pictures enlarged, create a good effect on your home. Stylize your wall, and enlarge the rooms ... check it!


5 - If you prefer decorative frames, you must have some care. The image, color and size should be related to your furniture, walls and the dimensions of your rooms; otherwise, it will remain an alien object.


6 - Paintings... Are exceptional to  

decorate! Not only provide a very clear idea of what kind of person is living in

that house but also beautify your home.

Choose the most appropriate picture for you!



7 - If you prefer large pictures, you should be aware that  you need space, so do not overload the environment.


Whatever the style of your house, come on to

the pictures!







Feel like? You know why it's good to add them to your decor?

The plants are very important in interior decorating ... do not forget!

In addition to beautifying your spaces, improve your mood ... you knew that?


6 reasons to add plants to your decor:


1 - They bring tranquility to the home

2 - Reduce stress

3 - Improve the overall appearance of all environments

4 - Improve your mood

5 - Reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase the humidity

6 - Decrease the amount of dust in the home by nearly 20%



There are a variety of plants to decorate your home!

You should pay close attention to when

choosing the most suitable for you. You should not reload the spaces, or use pots too large.

Note the harmony of your surroundings!


It will be key to respect the balance of the environment.

You must be very clear the style that you want to have, a classic or a more rustic.


1 - To achieve a more classic style, you place the plants near the window or in a corner. In this way, they will feed on natural light.

2 - In the country style, the plants will fill the empty places, not always close the windows.


9 tips to decorate your indoor plants:


1 - Keep in mind the characteristics of light and humidity of your environment, to choose the most suitable plants. 


2 - After you choose a place for your plants and see them grow in a good way, not change them.


3 - If your rooms are mostly dry, we recommend: Echeveria, Agave victoriae-reginae, Opuntia, Mamilaria, Ferocactus, etc.


4 - Take away your plants of fans, heaters, air conditioners and ovens. Take care them!


5 - In the more luminous, we recommend: The Cactus or succulent plants.


6 - In the halls you can choose higher plants, such Ficus, Dracaena, Palms, ... medium-sized or large leaves, such as Aspidistra, Sanseviera, etc.


7 - Encourage to herbs! Also decorated beautifully! Recommended: oregano, mint, thyme and rosemary, sage or basil.


8 - In the kitchen. If they are bright you can grow: Croton, Achimenes, Cole, Acalifa, creeping ficus, Joy of the house, Singonio, Episcia, Wax flower ... If the lighting is poor: Ceropegia, Tradescantia Vriesia, peace lily, Pilea, Philodendron, Poto, Film, Cactus, Aralia, Esparraguera ...


9 - In your bedroom. If the light is good you may put African violet, Chamaedorea, Bromeliads, Kalanchoe, Joy of the house, Begonia, Coleus, Dracena, Saxifraga, cyclamen, orchids, bromeliads ... If light is scarce: Aloe, Sanseviera, CISO, asparagus, Cheflera ...



Cheer up plants in your home!

You'll feel better ...







Do not have space in your home but want to decorate?


There are a lot of resources you can use to decorate small rooms. You must play, use of space, furniture size, location, brightness ...


22 tips for you:


- Colors:


1 - You should choose light colors, preferably the palette that ranges from white to sand and stone and blue colors

2 - You should try to keep a simple color scheme, two or three light colors for both walls and curtains as well as furniture

3 - You can paint the furniture to go on the walls the same color to provide visual continuity and a sense of most deprived and light environment  ... try it!

4 - In the floors, also choose the light colors


- How to take advantage of space?


5 - Choose the folding furniture, you can adjust them to the wall

6 - The furniture that are not too high, not to fill all the space

7 - The screens are ideal in these cases

8 - You can use mirrors, will provide much breadth to your spaces

9 - The separation between spaces, if they are transparent (glass, mirrors) to conceal the space of your rooms

10 - It is important that the roof level of the different environments is the same, this will help prevent your spaces are even smaller

11 - If there are corridors unnecessary and can be integrated and knocking down walls to expand a room, do not hesitate to do it!

12 - Try to use sliding doors

13 - Use simple curtains, without too many ruffles or complications, because it takes too much space and visually recharge

14 - Below the windows, if space allows, place low furniture

15 - When possible, try to remove doors and frames and generate a free and fluid pass to other environments.


- What furniture you use?


16 - You can replace the table in the living room for a chest, gaining space when saving things

17 - Instead of using bed tables, you can put shelves along the bed’s bedside to take advantage of them as library or placing ornaments.

18 - The glass shelves lightens your furniture and gives much freshness to the environment ... try it!

19 - When a closet is not used much, it is best to get out the doors and turn it into a library

20 - Appeals to dual-use furniture

21 - Choose multifunction tables. Besides using them to eat can be used to work, decorating, etc.. Glass is the material recommended!

22 - Use furniture with wheels, to be able to move easily and give them many uses



Dare to decorate your rooms with little space!







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