Wall and floor of the bathroom 


In a bucket of warm water, mix a half cup of vinegar, one of ammonia and half   of bicarbonate, apply this solution with a sponge or brush, then rinse with a damp cloth.




When you finish using it and is still hot, wipe with a damp cloth and sodium bicarbonate. 


Plastic Containers 


If you stored food and the smell infuses your containers to remove it you can soak them half an hour in water and bicarbonate. 


Burned Pots


If you got cought up chatting and burnt the bottom of a saucepan do the following: boil in it a handful of cooking salt (which comes in pellets) and water and simmer for 1 hour. Remove from heat and let soak overnight. Then wash as usual.








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“I am using this cleaning service weakly. I am so glad that fresh aroma come home to help me with everything, the service is simply exceptional! The cleaners pay attention to little details without being specifically asked”. 

Shannon - Applecross