House Cleaning Services in West Hobart

Fresh Aroma is an awarded and established cleaning company that provides house cleaning services in West Hobart.
Booking house cleaning services in West Hobart is the most cost-effective way to ensure the cleanliness and comfort of your home while giving you the additional time you need to relax or juggle your busy lifestyle.

Because our house cleaners take the time to give all the homes we clean the individualised attention they deserve, Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services has set a flexible hourly rate to ensure that you receive the most affordable cleaning services. You can simply book our cleaning company for a once-off or regular clean.

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Regular House Cleaning Services

Regular House Cleaning

Our regular home cleaning services will ensure your home is perfectly maintained, you will no longer worry about upkeeping your home.

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Casual House Cleaning

Let us take care of home every now and then. Enjoy the feeling of opening your door to a clean home using our house cleaning services.

Vacate Cleaning Services

Vacate House Cleaning

When it’s time to move house, leave the hard work to a team of experienced Fresharoos who will make your house look tip-top.

Why Australia Loves Fresharoos!

trust by Professional Cleaners


All of our Fresharoos come equip with super cleaning powers, having undergone a rigorous selection process, two days of training as well as acquiring ongoing on-the-job experience.
technology by Professional Cleaners


Book your appointment in less than 60 seconds without leaving your bed… or from anywhere in the world. (Try it from Mount Everest, as long as you can get some Wi-Fi up there) It’s never been simpler!
convenience by Professional Cleaners


Why not leave the repetitive and mundane housework cleaning to the Fresharoos? Let them take care of your house so that you can take care of yourself. Enjoy your new-found free time while a cleaning professional attends to your house needs.
savings by Professional Cleaners


Fresharoos will kick the savings back into your court. Book more and save more! We offer unbeatable rates after the first two hours on regular cleanings. You can be sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.
We Are Unique Bunch

Book a Fresharoo today!

Professional House Cleaner

Finding a trustworthy professional cleaner can be difficult. That’s why you can take a load off and trust in our Fresharoos, who’ve all had the necessary background checks and clearances. Fresh Aroma House Cleaning Services does the heavy lifting so that you can kick your feet up and relax.

House Cleaning Services - Fresh Aroma - Hobart, Tasmania

Our Hobart based Fresharoos are ready to clean for you, we are in:

Moreover, Our Home Cleaning Services in West Hobart and Our Fresharoos Commitment is to:

– Go out of our way to be helpful.

– Give back valuable hours a week.

– Take care of your home.

– Let you decide the frequency, duration, and time of any service.

– Demonstrate the feeling of satisfaction to come to a clean house.

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Hourly House Cleaning Service

Hourly House Cleaning Service by Fresharoos An average hourly cleaning service cost can vary from $32 to $45. Fresh Aroma has a team of Fresharoos (professional maids) who offer a regular service for $66 first two hours ($33 per hour) and $23 per hour thereafter. What do our Fresharoos Our Fresharoos are in Australia to [...]

How can I find a cleaner near me?

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