Casual House Cleaning

Casual Home Cleaning Services

  • Once a month
  • Once off clean
Casual Cleaning - Fresh Aroma Cleaning July 2022

What is included in our casual home cleaning services?

  • null
    General tidy up
  • Bathroom Cleaning
    Bathroom cleaning
  • null
    Toilet cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
    Kitchen cleaning
  • Vacate Cleaning Services
    Wipe surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Customise as Required
    or customise as required…

Most of our clients who booked Casual Cleaning also add:

(Additional Fee)

  • Supply Products (Chemicals)
    Supply Products (Chemicals only – no vaccum/mop included)
  • Fridge and Freezer Cleaning
    Fridge/Freezer Cleaning
  • Single Oven Cleaning (up to 600mm)
    Oven Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning - Single Story (InsideOutside)
    Window Cleaning
  • Fly Screen Cleaning
    Fly Screen Cleaning
  • Blinds Wiping (Dusting and wiping down of blinds)
    Blinds Wiping (Dusting/wiping down)
  • Wall Spot Cleaning (soft sponge)
    Wall Spot Cleaning (soft sponge)
  • Window Tracks Cleaning
    Window Tracks Cleaning

Our Casual Home Cleaning services work as simple as this…

  • Book a casual cleaning service online in under one minute.

    Services include a general once-off house cleaning or a monthly house cleaning.

  • At this point, your Fresharoo is confirmed.

    We will send you a text message with some details.

  • On the booked date and time, our Fresharoo will be at your home.

  • When our Fresharoo arrives, you can discuss what can be achieved in the timeframe allocated.

    Our Fresharoo will bring products and equipment if already pre-booked, otherwise, it will be helpful to show our Fresharoo the storage cupboard with the cleaning stuff.

  • Payment is made in cash or direct deposit to the Fresharoo on the day.

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How can our Fresharoos help?

Or Fresharoos goal is to take care of your home in the same way you would.

Your Fresharoo will get to know your home as nearly as well as you do and will get it clean to suit your desired outcome.

Hence, one of our commitments to demonstrate and prove to you the feeling of satisfaction that is to come to open your door to a clean house.

In addition to all that, if you get to meet our Fresharoos, you will soon find out that we have one of the most friendly home cleaning professionals, who would go the extra mile to provide reliable monthly or one-off house cleaning service every time!

Fresh Aroma clean home experience

Our Fresharoos have listened to our clients and have understood from personal experience the value of a clean home.

We’re here to help you recover some hours every other month, with our once-off and monthly house cleaning services, so the cleaning task becomes less of a burden.

The Fresharoo team is committed to providing a seamless experience from start to finish, we will ensure that your home is taken care when booking our causal house cleaning services.

Is there other home cleaning services that you are looking for?

Our regular cleaning services will ensure your home is perfectly maintained regularly, more importantly, you will no longer worry about upkeeping your home.

When it’s time to move house, its time for a thorough clean. Leave the hard work to our team of experienced Fresharoos We supply products and equipment to make your house look tip-top.

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