Vacate House Cleaning Services

Vacate Cleaning Services – End of Lease Cleaning

When it’s time to move house and you require an end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning service. Let our Fresharoos team do the tough work.

We supply products and equipment to ensure that our House Cleaners will make your house look tip-top.

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  • End of Lease Cleaning
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  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 1 Bedroom

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 2 Bedrooms

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 3 Bedrooms

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 4 Bedrooms

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 5 Bedrooms

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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House - 6 Bedrooms

  • Standard Vacate Cleaning
  • 1 Bathroom
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Standard Vacate Cleaning

includes the following tasks:

All rooms:

  • null
    Remove cobwebs ( walls, corners & light fittings)
  • null
    Dust surfaces and light fittings externally (where there is dirt/bugs inside covers, owner/tenant shall take them down for cleaning, an electrician is recommended)
  • null
    Cupboards interiors and exteriors cleaning
  • Room Clean
    Clean and sanitise all surfaces
  • Dusting
    Dust blinds
  • null
    Doors, door frames & handles cleaning
  • null
    Wipe down all frames, skirting boards, window sills & light fixtures
  • null
    Vacuum and mop wooden/tiled floors (carpet vacuum only)
  • null
    Mirrors cleaning
  • Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services Garbage
    Remove litter


  • Customise as Required
    Cupboards & drawers interiors and exteriors cleaning
  • Oven Cleaning small
    External appliances cleaning
  • Wipe Surfaces
    Clean and polish bench-tops
  • Kitchen Cleaning
    Clean and dry the sink and drain
  • Clean and polish the splash back
    Clean and polish splash back


  • Toilet Cleaning
    Sanitize and clean toilets (inc. pedestal and seat)
  • Mopping
    Disinfect all floors and surfaces
  • Bathroom Cleaning
    Shower, bath, basin and taps cleaning. (Mould on silicone cannot be clean and should be replaced instead)
  • Wipe Surfaces
    Clean counter tops
  • Wipe down fixtures
    Wipe down all steel fixtures, skirting and frames
  • Customise as Required
    Cupboards interiors and exteriors cleaning
  • null
    Mirrors & splash backs cleaning

Most of our clients who booked Vacate Cleaning also add:

(Additional Fee)

  • null
    Additional bathrooms
  • null
    Study room
  • null
    Laundry room
  • null
    Separate toilet
  • null
  • Fridge and Freezer Cleaning
    Fridge & freezer cleaning
  • null
    Dishwasher cleaning
  • Single Oven Cleaning (up to 600mm)
    Oven cleaning
  • Window Cleaning - Single Story (InsideOutside)
    Window cleaning
  • Blinds Wiping (Dusting and wiping down of blinds)
    Blinds wiping down
  • Wall Spot Cleaning (soft sponge)
    Wall spot cleaning (soft sponge)

Above all, Our Vacate House Cleaning Services work as simple as this…

  • Payment is completed during the online booking and prior of service.

  • At this point, your Fresharoo is confirmed. We will get in touch to confirm any outstanding details where required.

  • On the agreed date and time our team of Fresharoos will be at your property.

  • Once the work is done. Our team will notify via phone/SMS when the work is done.

  • Inspection by Real Estate or Home Owner is completed within 24hrs of the work completed.

  • In the event of Real Estate/Home Owners have a punch list.

    Our Fresharoos’ work comes with a 100% guarantee on any cleaning punch lists raised by the landlord or real estate agent if they inspect the property within the first 48 hours.

    Bear in mind that, certain stains might be due to the property’s usage or age, so we can provide you with a photo report so that you can submit it to your property agent or landlord.

Why should you spend a whole weekend cleaning when highly qualified Fresharoos can do it for you?

When it’s time to move house, it’s time for a thorough cleaning. Leave the hard work to our team of experienced professionals. We supply products and equipment and elbow grease, leaving the house looking even better than the day you moved in.

Our Moving in Cleaning or Moving out Cleaning services will do all the work for you so you can get your bond back.

FAQs about Vacate Cleaning Services

What is the cost of a vacate cleaning?

Usually moving out or end of lease cleaning services would charge a flat fee ranging from $215 for the studio to over $530 for six (6) bedroom houses (excluding extras).

The final price depends on the number of extra items required over the standard vacate cleaning.

Is the standard vacate cleaning charged per hour or per job?

The standard vacates cleaning service is not limited in time.

The price of the service depends on the size and layout of the property, as well as any additional services booked with the standard package.

The House Cleaners will remain until they have cleaned everything to the required standards.

For vacate cleaning services, will I have to pay the cleaning right at the start? May I pay at the end?

Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services will charge your card with a ‘pending’ value equal to the full amount of the booking total price once you book a service. When you confirm the booking via email, you agree to allow Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services to process the final payment using the bank card details you provided at the time of booking, at any time on or after the due service date.

We guarantee that we will complete the job according to the booking and assist you until your property is handed over. Payment will be completed after the service is finished.

What happens if I book for a certain time, but the cleaners finish earlier?

The end of lease cleaning service does not depend on the amount of time spent.

House Cleaners will stay on the property until everything covered in the booking is sparkling clean.

We discuss the service price before the service and you can book additional services to add to the package if you missed anything during the initial booking.

Do I have to pay for the cleaner's parking fees?

It will be great if you could arrange free parking in front of or close to the property.

The cleaners come with lots of detergents and heavy equipment. If it is not possible, we will include the parking fee in the end price for the service.

How many cleaners are required for a vacate cleaning?

Most of the cleaning teams are of two cleaners.

It depends on the size of the property.

Once we have the information about the size of the property, we’ll make sure to send the right team for the job.

What is included in a standard vacate cleaning?

The cleaning service for the entire property includes vacuuming and mopping floors, dusting surfaces, polishing pictures and mirrors, wiping small fittings and fixtures, and removing cobwebs. In the kitchen, tasks include cleaning cupboards and drawers (inside and outside), wiping the stovetop and oven (outside), and polishing surfaces. We thoroughly sanitise bathrooms and toilets, including all fixtures and fittings, as part of our cleaning service. You can request additional services, such as window cleaning, deep oven cleaning, and wall washing, for an extra cost. Customers can also arrange for deep cleaning of carpets and upholstery by adding a note on the booking form.

What is not included in the standard end of lease cleaning package?

Not included in the standard vacate cleaning services are wall spot cleaning, blind wiping, oven cleaning, windows cleaning, fridge/freezer cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, balcony, garage and outdoor cleaning.

If you want any of these included in your service, extra charges will apply.

Can you clean mould from the walls and ceilings?

The standard vacate cleaning does not include mould treatment. Mould treatment is a separate service and we can give you a quote.

You should replace the silicone in bathrooms affected by mould instead of trying to clean it. In addition, after mould treatment, some walls and ceilings may require repainting.

Is carpet cleaning included in the vacate cleaning?

We will include thorough vacuuming of carpets and rugs as part of our cleaning service. Please request steam cleaning or stain treatment if needed since it is not included in the package and will result in an additional cost.

Is window cleaning included in the service?

The bond cleaners will clean the window frames, sills, and tracks as part of the end of lease service, simply add the extra item in the online booking.

Have in mind that the windows must be accessible from the outside.

Is oven cleaning included in the service?

The Fresharoos will clean the inside of the oven thoroughly, simply add the extra item in the online booking.

Do you clean light fittings as part of the service?

The Fresharoos will dust all light fittings in the property as a part of the standard vacate cleaning.

The cleaners will clean the inside of the items thoroughly if you take them down and request it.

Do you clean blinds and curtains as part of the service?

The bond cleaning package includes dusting the blinds.

Enhance your cleaning experience by opting for thorough fridge wiping as an add-on during booking.

Unleash a Fresh and Clean Living Space with Steam Cleaned Curtains, please send us a note so we could organise it for you.

Do you clean ceilings and cornices?

The cleaners can give you a quote for the service on-site, it all depends on the condition of the ceilings.

Is wall cleaning included in the service?

The cleaning service includes wall dusting and cobweb removal.

The Fresharoos can treat stains and spots upon request at an extra cost. You can book wall spot cleaning covering the whole property.

What happens if my Landlord is still unhappy with the condition of the property?

We provide a 48-hour guarantee for our vacate cleaning service.

The cleaners will re-clean all the areas which did not meet your Landlord’s expectations within this time period.

Our Real Estate agent has given us a punch list, what do we do?

Real estate agents have a lot of expertise, and likewise, their job is to take care of the owner of the house.

And every now and then we expect a punch list everything depends on the person inspecting the house.

After the Real Estate has completed the visual inspection, we provide a 48-hour guarantee following the completion of the cleaning.

Just give us the list and we will sort any cleaning items that are still outstanding.

How can our Fresharoos help?

End of lease or vacate cleaning is crucial for landlords and tenants. To secure your deposit, book Fresharoos for a hassle-free and complete job.

Have you heard about our 48hr guarantee for Vacate Cleaning / End of Lease Cleaning, how does it work?

Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services offers move-in/move-out cleaning services to help ease the stress of moving. Their Fresharoos provide a deep clean to leave your new space fresh and clean. The House Cleaner team meets budget, schedule, and cleanliness needs. They offer a 100% guarantee on any punch lists raised within the first 48 hours of inspection. They also provide a photo report for any stains that may be due to the property’s usage or age.

Is there other home cleaning services that you are looking for?

Let us take care of home every now and then. Enjoy the feeling of opening your door to a fresh and clean house.

Our reliable cleaning services ensure consistent and stress-free home maintenance.

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