Regular House Cleaning

Regular Home Cleaning Services

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Regular Home Cleaning Services July 2022

What is included in our regular home cleaning services?

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    General tidy up
  • null
    Bathroom cleaning
  • Toilet Cleaning
    Toilet cleaning
  • null
    Kitchen cleaning
  • null
    Wipe surfaces
  • null
  • null
  • null
  • null
    or customise as required…

Supply of products and equipment are not included

Most of our clients who booked Regular Cleaning also add:

  • Bed Linen Change
    Changing Sheets

    (Adds extra time to your service)

  • Ironing
    Ironing & Folding

    (Adds extra time to your service)

  • Oven Cleaning small
    Oven Cleaning

    (Additional Fee)

  • Window Cleaning
    Window Cleaning

    (Additional Fee)

Our Regular Home Cleaning services work as simple as this…

  • Book a regular cleaning service online, or give us a call.

  • We’ll get back in a tic to confirm the details of your booking.

  • On the booked date and time our Fresharoo will be at your home.

  • The Fresharoo will carry out the requested work and provide input in case any time changes are required.

  • Payment is made in cash to the Fresharoo on the day.

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How can our Fresharoos help?

The Fresharoos’ goal is to tend to your home in the same way that you would.

Our House Cleaning Services will ensure your Fresharoo becomes one with your house, as the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’.

You can be sure the details that matter will matter.

This reflects our commitment to not only keep you satisfied but to truly spark joy in your life. Our environments influence the way we think, feel and act.

A clean home is a healthy, happy home.

Still, think no one can clean the house like you do?

You haven’t met the team just yet, some of the friendliest and most reliable cleaning professionals in the market.

But worry not! The Fresharoos are coming to the rescue.

Fresh Aroma clean home experience

Our Home Cleaning Services aim is to do more than what you’re expecting.

This is especially highlighted when you hire our Fresharoos, we become part of the family.

We’re here to help you.

Keeping a clean and tidy home can become too overwhelming, especially if there is too much to organize, clean and declutter.

Kids and work can make it hard to find time for the smaller details.

We commit to providing you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

From the booking to the confirmation, to the cleaning to the satisfaction.

By booking our home cleaning experts you can rest assure everything that needs taking care of, will.

Is there other home cleaning services that you are looking for?

Casual Home Cleaning Services


Let us take care of home every now and then. Enjoy the feeling of opening your door to a fresh and clean house.

Vacate Home Cleaning Services


When it’s time to move house, its time for a thorough clean. Leave the hard work to our team of experienced Fresharoos We supply products and equipment to make your house look tip-top.

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