FAQs about Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services

FAQs regarding our Professional Domestic Cleaning Services

We have built the Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs) to help with any common queries our customers might have or to clarify some of our existing services.

You’ll probably have some questions at some stage in our relationship. Especially when you consider committing to us. (This will be an improvement in our relationship!)

We want you to know that our relationship will always be built upon honesty. Practical suggestions here if you need any help.

You may be asking yourself the following about our domestic cleaning services

FAQs about Fresh Aroma’s professional domestic cleaning services

Can I provide my own supplies and equipment for the cleaning?

Yes absolutely. For hygienic purposes or products’ type/brand preferences, it is best for you to have the preferred cleaning products and equipment.

If you book casual cleaning services, and you just got a cloth and a bottle of spray. We’ve got you, no worries.

On the online booking, click the products and services add-on and our professional domestic Fresharoos will sort it all out.

On the vacate cleaning services is going to be a little different considering that the house is going to be vacant, our team supplies all the items and equipment.

Can I give one key to my Fresharoo?

Sure you might.

If you’re not going to be at home, on each visit you can either leave a key in a safe location or give your Fresharoo the key. You can have trust in our team of  Fresharoos at any time.

It’s recommended only on our regular cleaning services.

When am I meant to pay for the regular and casual cleaning?

Payment shall be due at the time of service. Please pay the cleaner by cash. If you’re not around, just leave your payment to the kitchen table.

Do I need to be at home during the regular and casual cleaning service?

It’s your call.

If you are unable to meet your Fresharoo, please leave a note indicating the location of the equipment and products.

More importantly, add important details related to the priority areas and the planned list of tasks to be performed.

Before the day of cleaning, you can tell us any instructions required to access your property. Let us know which way to get to your home is more convenient.

Can I book the weekends for cleaning?

Cleaning on Saturdays depends on our professional domestic Fresharoos being available. Supplementary fees apply.

Sundays are unfortunately when our Fresharoos takes a break to be ready for the week’s shift.

What work can be expected to be done on the cleaning day?

Our services are customised to your needs and your budget.

The amount of work done depends on how much time the service is allocated and the attention to detail needed.

Bear in mind that service time depends on the scale, condition and task list of the property to perform.

The cleaners will provide feedback during the cleaning if any time changes are required.

What happens if I need to re-schedule the cleaning service?

If this is the case, please contact us at your earliest convenience to reschedule your booking. Please note that from the day before, our Fresharoos schedule your home cleaning.

In saying that, if you give us enough notice, it would be very helpful for our team of Fresharoos.

What happens if I have a pet?

All well, our Fresharoos will be happy to work around your pet! Write us a note telling us if the pet is being kept indoors or outdoors. If the pet is relaxed and out of the way our Fresharoos will access to every corner of your house.

FAQs about our Fresharoos (Professional Domestic Cleaners)

Yes, you are going to for regular home cleaning services. Although situations such as illness or holidays can allow a fill-in Fresharoo for your home to attend.

Every Fresharoo receives the same preparation and will meet your home needs.

You may of course! Just let us know and we’ll arrange you with another Fresharoo.

All house cleaners are presently certified by the police. Recruitment involves face-to-face interviews, background checks and identification checks.

FAQs about Vacate Cleaning Services

Our estimates are based on a standard-sized house.

Certainly, our Fresharoos will include all tasks to pass your end of lease inspection.

The Fresharoos have worked with real estate agents throughout Australia, so we will deliver a high quality vacate cleaning standard that meets their expectations.

Usually moving out or end of lease cleaning services would charge a flat fee ranging from $215 for studio to over $415 for four-bedroom houses.

The expense of employing a professional end of lease Fresharoo depends on the scale of the property.

Real Estate agents are fuzzy when undertaking end of lease inspections, hence a thorough detail-clean is a must.

For more information, go to our vacate pricing page

Vacate cleaning does take time, larger properties can need more than 12hrs.

Please remember that we charge a full rate for the end of lease cleaning services, that is, you can get one or more cleaners depending on the work required.

Until the agreed price according to the booking agreement is paid up front our team will start the job.

You can then assume that our company can carry out the job according to booking and assist you until your property is handed over.

Real estate agents have a lot of expertise, and likewise, their job is to take care of the owner of the house.

And every now and then we expect a punch list everything depends on the person inspecting the house.

Regardless, once the review is through, give us the list and we will sort any cleaning items that are still outstanding.

FAQs about Fresh Aroma

Fresh Aroma Cleaning Services is an online platform that links home cleaning professionals (Fresharoos) with customers searching for reliable, personalised cleaning services and professional services. The price of our best asset is ours.

We are an online platform that puts cleaning professionals (Fresharoos) into touch with customers who need assistance with household chores. The Fresharoos who work with us are independent contractors, that’s it, they are not our employees, they are accountable for their financial activities. Our Fresharoos are independent domestic cleaning contractors who operated under the Australian Taxation Office regulations.

Remember, we act as an online platform that tests applicants’ qualifications to ensure sure that the finest and most experienced domestic qualified cleaners are turned to Fresharoos.

If you are interested to become a Fresharoo, simply apply online.

If you are already on this website you may already know, but just in case you can get more info on How can I find a cleaner near me?

If you have any feedback about our professional cleaning services in your home or anything related to our FAQs, please send us a short note via the contact form. We ‘re always open to suggestions.

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