How can I find a cleaner near me?

If you want to find out how to find a cleaner near you, there are efficient and affordable local cleaners ready to do the work for you in every city and suburb in Australia! I will bet you, some agencies would travel to your suburbs even if you live on the surrounds of your city.

Most cleaning contractors now travel outside their head office to deliver cleaning services on a day-to-day basis. Most cleaning companies offer qualified domestic cleaning services and have tailored their services to give you a hand around the house.

Cleaning Services Australia

Are you looking for affordable cleaning near you?

Search online

Type in your mobile of desktop Google or Bing, these platforms make searching cleaning services so much easier. And… yes… there is an action, get hold of your mobile or go and find your computer. Then, locate your preferred browser. If you are tech-savvy, give voice search a try… you may get a chance to meet “Cortana” or have a chat with “Google”.

Type a search in your preferred browser, “House Cleaning Services near me” or “House cleaning”

Getting quotes online

Get 3 prices from different cleaning agencies. Most cleaning companies would already show their prices on their websites.

Getting a quote to clean your home is not necessary if you know how many hours are required to clean your home. Or if you prefer to call… phone numbers will be visible on the websites, give them a ring and tell them exactly what you are after.

You should provide the following information:

  • Suburb and state you live in
  • Frequency of service (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once-off clean)
  • Size of property (i.e. 4 bedroom and 2 bathrooms)
  • Estimated number of hours required, alternatively ask for an estimate based on the size of the property. (See also – How much does a cleaning cost?)
  • If you have any additional specific requirements such as cleaning of oven or window cleaning, just ask how much extra would that cost. This way you can compare the cost of extras between companies.


Communication is king… and queen!. There is a lot of room for misinterpretation if the cleaning expectations are not clear from day one. (See also: 5 Things to Do Before the Cleaner Arrives)

Make sure you communicate the home cleaning expectations of your home. House cleaners are trained to undertake a general house clean. That being said, we are all different, and the expectations of the cleaning standard depend on you.

Have a chat with your cleaner on the first visit and communicate what are your priorities. Also, give the cleaner a couple of extra tasks just in case the cleaning is completed early, this way you get value for money. On the other hand, make sure you allow enough hours so the cleaner can meet your expectations.


Lastly, provide feedback.

Do not expect the house cleaner to read your mind. Before the next clean, we recommend you write a little note and leave it on the kitchen bench. Alternatively, send a text to the cleaning agency or cleaner. This way the house cleaner will adjust to suit your needs. This tip is a value for money proposition, you have the opportunity to optimise and customise the clean so you will feel 100% satisfaction every time.

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