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Steam Cleaners

When it comes to efficient and convenient floor cleaning, steam mops are a great choice. Unlike traditional mops, steam mops use hot steam to loosen dirt and grime from the floor surface. In this article, we will explore the best steam mops available in Australia in 2023.

Before diving into the list of the best steam mops, it’s important to consider a few factors to ensure you get the right one for your needs. Choose from a range of top-rated steam mops and enjoy a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. Contact Fresh Aroma House Cleaning Services today for a healthy and welcoming space.

Here are some key characteristics to keep in mind:

1- Water tank refill and capacity: Look for a model with a sufficient volume for the water tank. It should also allow for easy refilling without the need to switch off the mop and let it cool down.

2- Style of mop: Choose between an upright steam mop or a canister one. Upright mops are lighter and easier to maneuver, while canister mops have higher water tank capacity and more consistent steam output.

3 – Cleaning pads: Most steam mops come with multiple pads for swapping during long cleaning sessions or when one pad is being washed.

4 – Lock switch: Look for a steam mop with a steam-on switch for continuous steam release. Additionally, a steam-off lock switch is a safety feature that prevents accidental activation.

5 – Heat-up time: Consider the heat-up time required by the steam mop before it’s ready for use.

6 – Attachments: Some models come with attachments like carpet gliders, grout tools, angle tools, and scrub brushes for cleaning various surfaces.

Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner

1. Vax Duet Master Steam Cleaner


Vax, the master of clean, triumphed with a stellar constellation of five shining stars across performance and capacity, value for money, functionality and features, design, and overall satisfaction. It effortlessly outshone the competition in every aspect, leaving users thoroughly impressed.

In the realm of performance and capacity, Vax soared to new heights, effortlessly tackling even the most challenging cleaning tasks. Its powerful suction and generous storage capacity ensured that no speck of dirt or debris could escape its grasp.

When it came to value for money, Vax proved to be a true champion. Offering a perfect balance between quality and affordability, it delivered exceptional results without burdening the wallet. Customers marveled at the incredible bang they received for their hard-earned buck.

Functionality and features became Vax’s playground, where it showcased an impressive repertoire of cleaning prowess. With versatile attachments and innovative technologies, it catered to every cleaning need, transforming mundane chores into a delightful experience.

Vax’s design, a true work of art, caught the eyes of admirers far and wide. Its sleek and ergonomic construction not only added a touch of elegance to any home but also made cleaning a breeze. Every curve and contour was meticulously crafted for both aesthetic pleasure and practical convenience.

Ultimately, Vax’s crowning glory lay in the realm of overall satisfaction. Users couldn’t help but sing its praises, finding solace in the fact that they had discovered a true cleaning companion. With each use, Vax managed to exceed expectations, leaving a trail of contented customers in its wake.

While Vax’s performance was undoubtedly extraordinary, its durability and reliability earned it a still commendable four stars. Though not flawless in this regard, Vax remained a dependable partner, standing strong and resilient through countless cleaning missions.

2. CrossWave HF3 | 3598F


Bissell, the maestro of home cleaning, dazzled the stage, securing an impressive array of five stars across performance and capacity, durability and reliability, functionality and features, and design. With a flourish of excellence, it proved its mettle in every aspect, leaving users awe-inspired.

In the realm of performance and capacity, Bissell ascended to new heights, effortlessly vanquishing dirt and grime with its unrivaled power and generous storage capacity. No cleaning challenge was too formidable for this champion.

When it came to durability and reliability, Bissell’s unwavering strength earned it a well-deserved standing ovation. Built to withstand the tests of time, it stood as a steadfast companion, ensuring continuous performance and unwavering dependability.

Functionality and features became Bissell’s playground, where it showcased a mesmerizing repertoire of cleaning innovations. With an ensemble of extensions and accessories, it catered to every cleaning need, leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of cleanliness. From carpets to vacuums to steam cleaners, Bissell’s arsenal was unparalleled.

Design became Bissell’s masterpiece, capturing hearts with its elegant and intuitive craftsmanship. Every curve and contour were meticulously sculpted, blending aesthetics seamlessly with practicality. Its allure extended far beyond mere functionality, adding a touch of sophistication to every home.

While Bissell’s performance reigned supreme, overall satisfaction received a commendable four-star rating. Customers were undoubtedly pleased with the results, basking in the joy of a clean and fresh environment provided by their Bissell companion.

However, when it came to value for money, Bissell earned three stars. While still respectable, some users felt that a more competitive pricing strategy could have enhanced the overall experience.

3. 1300W Steam Mop

Anko Kmart

Anko, the shining star of Kmart’s own-branded products, achieved an exceptional five-star review for its unbeatable value for money. It garnered four stars for its design and appearance, and three stars for performance and capacity, durability and reliability, functionality and features, and overall satisfaction.

As the official brand name of Kmart’s exclusive range, Anko offers a treasure trove of homewares and delightful knick-knacks. While it may not boast the extensive variety of some competitors, Anko shines brightly for those seeking simplicity without compromising quality.

Among Anko’s offerings, you’ll find a single steam mop that stands as a testament to its commitment to cleanliness. Accompanied by a selection of other steam cleaning appliances, Anko caters to all your steam-powered needs. The steam mop boasts a 45ml water tank, providing a generous 25-30 minutes of steam time for your cleaning endeavors.

Designed with practicality in mind, the Anko steam mop features a 180° swivel head, effortlessly navigating tight spaces and effortlessly gliding under furniture. No nook or cranny will escape its cleansing touch. For convenience and longevity, replacement cleaning and microfiber pads are readily available for purchase.

With each Anko steam mop, you’ll find a treasure trove of accessories nestled in the box. A measuring cup ensures precise water filling, while the carpet glider facilitates effortless steam cleaning on carpets. The microfiber cloth pad completes the ensemble, providing a gentle touch for immaculate results.

Embrace the simplicity and affordability of Anko, where value for money reigns supreme, while design and appearance earn well-deserved praise. Though receiving three stars in certain categories, Anko continues to strive for excellence, ensuring your overall satisfaction in the realm of home cleaning.

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Anko Kmart 1300W Steam Mop